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After his graduation from Central Saint Martins, this Bulgaria-born, London-based designer, created his brand in 2019, as a portrait of his life experience: his Bulgarian heritage mixed with his London experience. 

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Vattev’s holistic design approach is using historical references to inspire new ideas, with his creative family being instrumental in shaping this approach to art and design.  A collage of cultural elements of the 70’s under the scope of a futuristic perspective of the world encapsulates his collections. His brand is also inspired by 70’s lifestyle, music and culture with references to David Bowie, Mick Jagger, and Grace Jones, all of whom represent the exuberant side of the era. 

Leather has a special spot in Vattevs heart. He sees it as a material that is more like a second skin, with a luxurious appeal, full of history. With leathers connection to iconic music and fashion, he sees it as a bridge between ancient craftsmanship and modern pop culture. Vattev further characterizes leather as a material that can be manipulated, molded and tailored with underrated possibilities, and properties that await to be unveiled.

 For his collection, ‘Generation in Rehearsal’, modern tailoring that that is meant to be useful and not only formal borrows from streetwear, to make luxurious sportswear looking silhouettes. Vattev used our Vesper leather to create a series of structural silhouettes with a soft and versatile look, touch and feel. 

Vesper leather being inspired by stone surfaces with a marble polished shine and a cloud-like fluffy handle, speaks directly to Vattevs powerful organic and sci-fi look.

In order to create a tailored sport jacket Vattev combined the leather with wool, and with such high contrast, the shine becomes much stronger, and the ensemble tackles his powerful organic sci-fi

The use of tailored garments for all occasions is for Vattev part of rehearsing the post-lock down life, with a desire of dressing to go out, to work and more…….

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