Nicholas Riis


Nicholas Riis

I hope to pervert familiar forms, play with taboos, transgress the codes of good taste and the stereotypical by putting aside the traditional distinction between the functional and the aesthetic. I wish to unpack the complexity of a human relationship to objects, and the space in between.”
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Nicholas Riis creates objects that fuel a contradictive perception of Art

Amsterdam based artist Nicholas Riis creates sculptural, well designed objects. In a counter reaction to the explosiveness and categorization of social media, his artful objects reject the general perception of art.
A selection of Nicholas’ previous work

A story of ultimate collectables

Seeking a contradiction between the general perception of art and the fictional ability of an object, Nicholas’ source of inspiration is influenced by today’s digital era and the created sense of urgency collecting stories and things before they disappear.
“Stand-alone objects don’t fully exercise what I want them to do when in a white space or gallery. I find it more exciting to post online than expose one of my objects in real.”
His search leads to a new summary of physical materials available in a variety of textures, colours and often familiar prints, creating an ongoing play with familiarity, delivering an undefined association with something known in the distance.


Work in Progress images

Reorganizing the world according to me

The importance of being able to relate is visible in each created sculpture by referencing something known. A person’s first response is powerful, followed by the complexity of something familiar in a new context, creating excitement.
“If art is ambiguous and open to more than one interpretation, art can be functional as well. As an artist you shouldn’t know your direction. Making art should always be a consequence.”


Exercising the heritage of leather

Leather is figurative. Leather as the key material in his newly created objects, allow the viewer to enter a parallel world, inspired by true stories. The heritage of leather is embedded in every piece, having lived before, binds the physical object to the created fictional story.


Nicholas was introduced to ECCO Leather via annual leather event HOT-SHOP.
“I was inspired by it’s simplicity, craftsmanship and the factory itself. The event teaches you the craft and gives back the freedom to develop customized leather. It helps to understand the value of leather and how it is made.”

The more you know, the more excited you get as you learn you can really influence the look and feel. Working with leather is very difficult. You can only do it right once.”
– Nicholas Riis.

Follow the development process on the @eccoleather channels and via @nicholasriis. The created sculptures will be presented during the next edition of HOT-SHOP.
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