A reinvention of The Iconic BONNE Suit in Leather

The minimalistic design of BONNE Suits is all about the enhancement of personal style.

"We are not talking about fashion identities created by purchasing statement pieces, but the simplicity of a design, inspired by “the poor man’s suit” that is all about the wearer making the most of the bare minimum."

Founded in 2014 in a reaction to the excess of the fast moving fashion industry, BONNE Suits are unisex and consist of a jacket and pants, recognizable by the 4 patch pocket jacket design.
Bonne felt compelled to create something that would be oblivious to any occasion, sex, age, or social expectation, something that would be a key piece in anyone’s life and wardrobe, suitable for informal and formal occasions, and with long lasting quality.
The unisex suit, usually made out of 100% cotton, has an inclusive nature and is a true rebellion against the current fashion stream.

No better time than the present to extend the BONNE Suit family with a leather edition

To create a leather version of his iconic Suits was a dream for Bonne, and from the first meeting with ECCO Leather at our creative leather festival the HOT-SHOP, the connection was made. When creating leather, we share the same values such as durability, timelessness and high quality.


Exchanging thoughts about leather and what it should do for the BONNE Suit, we agreed the leather chosen would need to underline the suits strong shape.


Many people have a leather item they have owned for half of their life or longer. Choosing leather that is known for its firm grip and subtle elasticity, creates a leather suit with memory. Once worn, the suit will shape up and form to your body, becoming more beautiful and personal with the passage of time. 


The suit is available in black, brown-red and cognac and is crafted from Trinity leather.

Photography of all new BONNE suit releases are documented on the porch of his Amsterdam house in the format of a portrait of his family of close friends.

For this collaboration, his photographer, Maarten van der Kamp, came to our tannery in Dongen, The Netherlands, and mirrored the iconic family portrait with our ECCO Leather team.

Trinity leather is dark artisan with a heritage heart, showing a subtle natural structure and subdued shine. This reinvented classic waxed leather, shows a slight colour change when squeezed or folded, as a result of the wax that is present in the leather. Polishing brings back the shine and deepens its colour.


Trinity Leather is a stable and naturally pliable cowhide material that contains both performance features and aesthetic characteristics that rival a new interpretation of primitive.


The finishing recipe utilizes a unique double-drum wax treatment where the wax penetrates through the surface to the flesh side of the leather and gives a strong moldable look with memory. The Colour lightens when the leather is stretched, the wax makes the material age beautifully over time, the leather shines and polished itself naturally with wear.


Bonne selected this material after his HOT-SHOP experience. His love for the article was instant. Trinity is a very interesting leather to use in the case of a workwear inspired garment, with its natural washed and waxed look, it can emulate a rugged and luxurious feel at the same time.


The leather suits will be available to purchase by made to order starting September 2020.
It will be an exclusive and small release.
The production of the leather will happen at our tannery in Dongen, The Netherlands, and the suits will be made in Portugal.


For more info visit:


Bonne was introduced to ECCO Leather via annual leather event HOT-SHOP.

Follow the development process on the @eccoleather channels and via @bonnesuits.

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