To drive cutting-edge leather development, ECCO Leather hosts the Open Circle Lab which is both a physical development facility located in the Netherlands, and a design philosophy that drives leather innovation. An inner circle of progressive designers and brands imagine the unimaginable and challenge our tanning technicians to create leathers that the industry could only dream about.


Illusions of Lightness

“At the most basic level we create products using precious metals that are meant to last lifetimes - they grow with you as you tarnish and wear down these once-pristine items, and while we haven’t aged to that point yet, we hope they will carry your story onwards as you pass these relics onto your loved ones.”
Shining a new light on leather aesthetics, functionality and longevity.



After having worked as a stylist from a young age, Bonne Reijn (Amsterdam, 1990) noticed something missing in the variety of clothing available to us. He felt compelled to create something that would be oblivious to any occasion, sex, age, or social expectation, something that would be a key piece in anyone’s life and wardrobe, suitable for informal and formal occasions. The unisex suit, usually made out of 100% cotton, has an inclusive nature and is a true rebellion against the current fashion stream.
Following his participation to our HOT-SHOP event, we invited Bonne to join our Artist in Residency program to develop a leather version of his iconic suit.


Nicholas Riis

Following the 2019 edition of HOT-SHOP, the Artist in Residence program was initiated to invite back members of the HOT-SHOP community to extend their leather knowledge and work on leather innovation combined at the ECCO Leather tannery and atelier.

Amsterdam based artist Nicholas Riis creates sculptural, well designed objects. In a counter reaction to the explosiveness and categorization of social media, his artful objects reject the general perception of art.

Guerrilla Group

Apparition M.A.P Bag

Echoing between sci-fi and functionality as a framework for research and design, Guerrilla Group attempts to subvert military garments into utilitarian everyday wear.

Dutch Design Week

ECCO Leather x Modebelofte

After years of studying ancient techniques and parchment leathers, ECCO Leather is looking to the future.


A high-end collection of leathers that bring a touch of luxury, softness and a splash of natural beauty to upholstered designs from the Moooi collection.

Stone Island

Kromatafor Dyneema® Bonded Leather

The first jacket in thermosensitive leather, born from the collaboration of ECCO Leather and The Dyneema® Project.

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