A new take on shine 

The beautiful luster of satin introduces a new leather direction and definition to the new perfect finishing touch. A playful tonal variety and radiant sheen, achieved by applying a technique bringing iridescence to leather.


Luscious Calfskin and Bovine leather with
an ever-changing satin sheen

Seemingly classic leather, enriched with an ever-changing satin matte or high gloss finish, which allows an optical play in shades of colour. This versatile leather collection shows distinct differences in iridescence that affects both the appearance as well as the touch of this leather. Available in subdued satin and lustrous gloss.

Reactive to the play of light, the soft touch satin appears velvety, subtly reminding of the classic appeal of silk. The glossy high shine finish offers a more reflective and persistent character, adding a degree of understated depth.

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