Challenge traditional shine with Ecco’s Opalesence leather.

Opalescence is derived from an element of natural formed beauty. Exhibiting iridescence, this leather creates a luster that grows and detracts based on various perspectives to create a luxurious look balanced with a delicate feel.


The iridescent shine of Opalesence comes in waves in this distinct leather. Inspired by the material nacre, a composite material that acts a defense mechanism in some sea mollusks it is better known by its common name of mother of pearl. This leather is meant for movement and malleability as it conveys hues of pink and green. In our full grain Opalescence, we offer a more subtle approach to this, while our embossed Opalescence offers a more heightened effect due to a higher groove density.


Opalescence is soft but strong. Whether it’s the raised grain of the leather itself, or the additional texture of the emboss, Opalescence allows for a sensory moment of bliss. Similar to how pearls appear smooth but upon microscopic inspection have irregular grain surfaces, we wanted to have a leather that conveys a smooth appearance but with a tactile feel of raised texture. Our full grain Opalescence offers a more smooth, subtle touch with a slight texture from the natural grain of the leather itself. Our embossed Opalescence offers a more traditional aspect of texture but is not limited to just this appearance.


This leather creates an opportunity for contrast. Its initial shimmer can draw in the viewer, but it is a change in visual perspective that really allows for individuals to question what they’re seeing. This lush leather facilitates a gleam of sorts, a type of look that captivates and allows for curiosity. It isn’t until viewers feel Opalescence that they can only start to understand the depth of its conceptuality and the applicability of its beauty.

This technique is expressed in 2 different ways


The full grain with a textural pattern, also called an embossing, creates additional depth in both feel and shine. This iridescent leather forms an interplay between the colorful hues and the movement of the material. 


The smooth finish embraces a slight texture making this variation a more subtle ode to mother of pearl. Its strength lies in its simplicity.


Like turning tides, colorful hues of pink, green, and silver rise and fall across a lavish sea of shine. Meant for movement, this ever-changing material will bring you a range of color combinations formed through its transformative viewpoints. This curation of contrast, look and touch, subtle and extravagant, is what makes Opalescent different.

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