Neo Nude


Inspired by Nature

Leather, inspired by the traditions of vegetable tanning. A pure leather created by taking the primary components of historical natural extracts used for vegetable tanning to develop wonderful colours and exceptional handle.

With nature defining colour, the leather ages naturally when exposed to the sun and precipitation.

NEO NUDE is recognised by the unique subtle tonal difference of each hide.

The development

A contemporary leather built on historical craftsmanship and technology.

Vegetable tanning is the use of vegetable extracts rather than mineral or synthetic tanning ingredients. The original processes were developed in the times of the Pharaohs and in Ancient Rome. The modern transformation from raw hides into a leather with longevity starts slowly in wooden drums.

NEO NUDE is created with the use of natural tannins, whilst relying on modern technologies and machinery. The leather, as a result of the natural tanning ingredients, is designed to react with handling and light to become even more beautiful with the slow passage of time.

As a result of using natural tanning ingredients, the leather is metal free.

To maintain the natural behaviour of this leather, a light protection has been added to the finishing to protect the leather from extreme water uptake. This does not influence the ability of the leather to intensify colour.
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