Vegetable tanning refers back to the ancient tanning technique that has existed for over 5,000 years. 

Leaves and barks of trees were used to derive natural tannins. When placed together in a pit, often after careful grinding, the tannins freed from the leaves and tree bark react with a hide or skin leading to their permanent preservation and the making of leather.

This original methodology was a lengthy process – often taking up to 20 to 30 months for the tannin to penetrate and react with thick hides. Each part of the world developed the procedure with their best locally available material, tested through trial and error, and creating different looks and properties. The result is a hard and sturdy leather in a variety of natural colours.

Inspired by these ancient techniques

ECCO Leather developed a vegetable tanning process using today’s equipment and adjusting the leather to modern standards. This combines state of the art technology and natural based tanning ingredients, resulting in a high quality soft and pliable leather.
The leather’s natural character is preserved following the traditional standards, finishing the leathers only with natural oils and waxes, applying modern techniques to soften the leather. ECCO Leather’s base vegetable tanned collection is called NEO NATUR, and has the ability to become a personal object. As a result of the natural tanning ingredients, and careful choice of other materials used this leather is naturally metal free. The best of the past is the foundation of a perfect present.
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