Neo Natur Colours


The continuing colour story

Nature in a unique sense, has the ability to boost up our mental power through seasonal variations, energizing our vital senses. Natural colours create a sense of stillness, its calmness inspiring the freedom of being and self-expression.
Romanticising the ability of leather carrying your own personal story, NEO NATUR expresses serenity in a series of natural colours, paying homage to the traditions of vegetable tanned leather.

The colours

The colour scheme of NEO NATUR is formed in soft shades of green, dusty blues and carbon black. Further developing ECCO Leather’s vegetable tan collection, NEO NATUR is created in two directions. With light pastel tones, bringing us the freshness of morning dew and subdued darker colours reflecting the beauty of decay.
For the pastel collection it was important to start from an off-white base colour. The subtle colours created maintain the beauty and natural character of the leather and have a slower development as they naturally adapt to handling, everyday use and exposure to life.
The natural base colour of vegetable tanned leather is achieved by adapting the finishing process of NEO NATUR, allowing the application of dark shades to an alternate natural colour and outcome. The playfulness in this collection demonstrates an adherence to the most natural tanning technique, combining ancient traditions and modern science in contemporary natural tones. These dark colours build a history you can see developing


Leather character

These leathers have a memory holding, to a degree, their shape with use; changing whilst being exposed to everyday activities and variable weather conditions. For consumers an article often becomes an old, trusted friend as time passes. The light finishing enables the leather to maintain its natural character, becoming more beautiful with the passage of time.
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