Introducing a full spectrum of metalized finishes

Precious metals evoke desire and add a highly visual aesthetic to any collection. Focusing on the core metallic colours of Silver, Gold, White Gold, and Bronze ECCO Leather explores a full spectrum of techniques to create newness in tone, texture and levels of reflectiveness.

The Pure finish presents metallics in their most distilled form – rich, clear and unchanging – evoking the strength and beauty of classic jewellery. Hammered and Sprayed techniques bring contemporary colour distortions with subtle shimmer. The Lava technique creates glowing tips against shadowy valleys that mimic molten metal. Satin techniques, in gloss and matte, are metallics enriched with a lustrous, ever-changing finish. And the Powdered technique forms an elegant and fragmented appearance.


White gold metallics make a sophisticated mark, combining the warmth of gold and reflective allure of silver. Choose from the muted tones of Satin and Sprayed techniques, to the high-shine wattage of Lava and Pure finishes.


Gold metallics bring depth and drama to any design. This deep enveloping hue has warm undertones, evoking the authenticity of antique jewellery. Add impact with Pure, Hammered or Lava finishes. Or opt for subtle sophistication and shimmer with Powdered and Satin techniques.


Shades of metallic silver will always be energetic, sporty, futuristic, and youthful. Create a story with celestial shine: Pure, Lava, Sprayed and Powdered all deliver high impact. Or evoke softness with finishes like Satin and Sprayed.


Versatile and always beautiful, Bronze metallics have a rose undertone and work equally well as a neutral or accent colour. In Pure, Hammered, and Lava finishes, Bronze takes on a theatrical presence. Sprayed, Powdered and Satin techniques have an earthy, natural personality.

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