Washed, tumble dried and re-dyed

Leather has the ability to capture the passage of time and become more beautiful.
Conscious of the element of time passing, the potential to captivate or accelerate change became a new source of inspiration leading to what ultimately became

The simplicity of technique enabling a new leather look

The technique applied to create a laundered look offers a new take on versatility, introducing a crisp to leather. The indirect association with freshly laundered linens outlines what’s new in a contemporary collection of light and bouncy leathers.

Aimed at elevating a seemingly classic leather look and bringing newness, the collection is to be divided in two core techniques; the functional opportunity with washable attributes and the core laundered range.

Washable leather

A new feature that allows two different outcomes, depending on the direction you choose.

Washable Unchanging
Ensuring a lasting, unchanged leather quality and look after machine and/ or hand-washing your leather item.


Washable Fading
The playful variety, allowing faded colour change and minimal textural change to the leather following machine, and/ or hand-washing.


Explaining the techniques accentuating a variety in applied finishing, allowing the exceptional look and colour range, varying from clean dusty colours, with defined colour depth in soft tones and subtly stained looks.

The leather’s hand feel varies from on a soft and supple body to a crisp, papery leather touch with subtle creasing.

A new technique encouraging slow fashion and leather

Being able to wash leather to create a new look opens a whole new window of opportunity to customization and personalisation whilst ensuring the leather’s
longevity and user-friendliness.


This leather collection can contribute to the slow fashion movement, connecting the possibility to refresh your timeless pieces and maintaining or even creating a new look.

Beyond simply manufacturing washable leather, using our technical heritage allows us to create new techniques and finishing processes, that underline we have entered the era where technology and design come together as one.

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