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Functionality derived from light weight strength has forever been a desired combination in materials. One of the inventions to combat this need was the development of ripstop. As its name hints at Rip-Stop, this material is tear resistant, and it stops ripping. 
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The weave was 1st invented in the early 20th century for its properties of durability and strength even in lightweight fabrics, used in parachutes. Through time it has been produced in many materials from its original silk to nylon and now we are introducing it in leather.

The distinct feature of ripstop is a crosshatch pattern which is created by weaving thicker, reinforcement yarns in intervals. The interlocking pattern stops any tear from spreading. This strong yet light material, with a ripstop functionality and aesthetic, has built an appeal in the outdoor sector. 

Leather withstand’s a high level of wear and tear in its authentic weight and thickness. In order to produce a lightweight leather with the physical strength of a regular or thick leather, fusing light weight leather with a light weight ripstop material has produced a new material with uncompromised durability.

ECCO leathers FSDX Ripstop comes in a variety of options. The ripstop pattern is available in two sizes with tear resistance performance, and the ultimate version is also waterproof.

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