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A new category of empowered leathers

FSDX Is a completely new collection of technical and empowered leathers. The principle behind fusion is creating new original materials through combining leather with carefully selected materials with exceptional properties.
Taking inspiration from the traditions of leather making and driving innovation towards developing a new leather category, FSDX is a luxury leather development integrating technique, functionality and look. Its distinctive textures and enhanced natural qualities are represented in different functions, varying from strength and lightweight, to breathable and comfortable. 

The Development

The fusion of materials is influenced by different processing levels involving temperature [heat], time, pressure and cooling. Playing with the natural response of leather and counter materials during processing, creates mirrored effects in terms of look and feel, hence new leather aesthetics. Combining two items in this way does not give merely an additive effect, but when done expertly creates entirely new materials.
Fusion develops enhanced performance functionalities
Working with the natural qualities of canvas or wool results in leathers with upscaled strength and softness. This means these hybrid materials can be used against the skin without the need to use lining. On the other hand, leather fused with Dyneema® enhances strength and wear-ability whilst delivering a paper-thin leather.
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