FSDX Dyneema Bio Based

FSDX Dyneema®

Per JANUARY 2021 all FSDX Dyneema® fused leather
will contain 100% Bio-based Dyneema® fiber.

The next major step in the sustainability journey.

Dyneema® is up to 15 times stronger than quality steel.

Leather fused with Dyneema® dramatically increases its endurance level. 

FSDX Dyneema® is paper thin and lightweight. It’s extreme tear resistance and unbelievable strength does not compromise the quality or true feeling of leather.


Bio-based Dyneema® boasts the same exact performance as conventional Dyneema® with a carbon footprint that is 90 percent lower than generic HMPE.

“Together with our partners, we aim to continuously provide innovative, lightweight protective materials but, now, with the added benefit of an environmentally sustainable alternative.” - Marcio Manique, Global Business Director DSM

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