Car Crash & Court Burn


Infinite stories and narratives

Emerging from a tactile history, Court Burn and Car Crash leathers stem from a similar plane, forming off the foundation of wear, impact, and time. A visual journey that highlights each step involved, these leathers convey the aesthetic of personal adventure, setting the tone for the phrase, "You get what you put in".

Car Crash highlights a presence in automotive culture, generated from historical, trail treking, off-road automobiles. It is founded off the build up of visual mark-making though personal adventure. Tying into the progression of physical wear through personal experience, Car Crash hosts a visual interpretation of tactile originality.

The articles are represented in a subtle aged expression on a tone-on-tone version and a version where the contrast wear & tear is bold and striking.

Court Burn highlights a presence in basketball culture channeled from the wear and tear that happens beneath the feet and feats of ballplayers. It draws from the imagery that develops on the surfaces of courts that are worn over time through constant play/use. It is this constant working and reworking over periods of time through jab steps and jumpshots that transform fresh court conditions to worn in textured works.

These articles are represented with an either black or white texture which corresponds with the base and gives different subtle worn expressions.
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Surface Tanning
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