A take on natural camouflage prints

With the concept of concealment as inspiration we landed a new approach, creating organic patterns by investigating fungus and leather on a microcellular level.

How is dyestuff accepted on the leather’s surface when under influence of mold?
BOHCA; a new interpretation of batik and recreation of this look on various levels, from a satellite view down to a microscopic level.


A house artisanal approach

The introduction of a new house craft, where natural patterns and colour
overlay recur in different context. It’s visible irregularities in pattern include trees, meanders, tessellations and cracks. Only chemistry can explain this new form of nature in colour ways that celebrate the beauty of form. 

This leather concept is available in 3 different directions. 


A PURE bohemian in a modern translation of free spirited patterns to leather. The layering of colours are inspired by the traditions of wax batik and batik printing. A non-sequential repetition of pattern, referencing a new animal print, with a subtle association to reptiles.


Recreated organic patterns defined in the micro and macro perception of nature - from a cell to satellite view. Inspired by desert camouflage and cavement painting with a subtle disguise in vigorous patterns.
The figurative, abstract approach references a new animal print by showing bird, fish and leaf associative patterns. Its two-tone colour composition purposely separates and subtly bleeds into a new irregularity and supersized print.

Crafted on a Veg. Tan base, part of this development exists in the closest proximity of nature. Veg. Tan allows a deepening of character, responding to influences of high humidity, movement and time passing. The closest representation of organic behavior.

A more feminine approach is achieved in a playful activation of this technique on PURE.
The acceptance of layered colouring on a pure, bright base allows wildness in print
with an exotic feel.


Bohemian camouflage. Inspiration in disguise of nature. The molecular, the flowers, the stones and figuratives.

Taking an existing technique to a next level. FSDX fused leather and nappa leather, top dyed, underlining its flowery character in a soft, thin and laundered leather. The purity of the leather base allows a closer acceptation of the pigments used to create a tie dyed article.

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