AKA Aged

A.K.A. Aged

Where cyberpunk meets Marlboro Man

A juxtaposition between colour and zonal textures creating an unconventional surface with attitude and a distinct style. This leather has heritage and modern appeal in one.

Fueling imagination

A leather development inspired by time travelling, immortalizing the ageing aspect of leather, captured in an illusion of frozen time. This particular look shows faded reality in a brush-off effect that doesn’t deteriorate with use.

Leather that appears to have lived before

Inspired by the working lives of the ancient yak and camel. These bovine leathers take the characteristics of creatures having lived in hot and dusty deserts or high plains and snowy peaks. The created appropriately rough and rugged looks are soft to touchand have a
great handle. 

The leathers’ signature colour contrast is achieved through hand crafted areas on the leather followed by thorough milling. As a result, classic appeal and modernity are translated into a reworked finish of the leather surface, fixated without using wax.

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Surface Tanning
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