Leathers in the Lab

A creative laboratory aimed at experimenting with leather finishings and techniques. Leather Designers from the ECCO Leather Studio share their work in progress.


When Visionairs Create The Unimaginable

Apparition. Soft, transparent cow-skin leather – available in a range of rich and controlled colours.


Stronger, Thinner, Lighter

Combine the luxurious look and feel of leather with the unprecedented strength of Dyneema®, the strongest fibre in the world.

True Indigo

Denim Inspired Leathers

Indigo dye meets ECCO Leathers’s premium raw leather, in a collection of indigo leathers faded to perfection.


Heat Sensitive Change

Multiple layers of light-containing cells.


Inspired by the Topographical Maps of Various Regions

The delicate, webbed pattern of the maps, is achieved by cracking a soft layer of acrylic, and spraying colour, the colour seaps into the cracks .


Shines Bright Even in the Darkest Hours

The natural character of leather combined with reflective technology.


Inspired by Earth’s Shifting Tectonic Plates

Natural surfaces, cracked sand and tree bark detail. Translating this dry look and touch into the leathers finishing.


Stone Burnished like an Ancient Greek Statue

Luxury shine with a fluffy handle.


Dark Artisan with a Heritage Heart

A traditional heritage leather that betters with age combined with fantastic memory characteristics.

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