Leathers in the Lab

A creative laboratory aimed at experimenting with leather finishings and techniques. Leather Designers and technicians from the ECCO Leather Studio are continually looking to create the next innovative leather. Explore the Lab to see samples of their work in progress.


Per JANUARY 2021
FSDX Dyneema® fused leathers will contain 100% bio based Dyneema® fiber.

The next major step in the sustainability journey.

FSDX PrimaLoft®

The comfort of upscaled performance

Indulge yourself in an elevated level of comfort and performance with FSDX PrimaLoft®. This high performance and plush memory leather, delivers enhanced breathability and warming properties. 
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A take on natural camouflage prints

Camouflage is the use of any combination of materials, colouration or illumination for concealment. Either by making animals or objects hard to see, or by disguising them as something else.


Washed, tumble dried and re-dyed

Leather has the ability to capture the passage of time and become more beautiful. Conscious of the element of time passing, the potential to captivate or accelerate change became a new source of inspiration leading to what ultimately became Laundered by ECCO Leather.


A new take on shine

The beautiful luster of satin introduces a new leather direction and definition to the new perfect finishing touch. A playful tonal variety and radiant sheen, achieved by applying a technique bringing iridescence to leather.

A.K.A. Aged

Where cyberpunk meets Marlboro Man

A juxtaposition between colour and zonal textures creating an unconventional surface with attitude and a distinct style. This leather has heritage and modern appeal in one.


Inspired by the traditions of Veg. Tan

Leather, inspired by the traditions of vegetable tanning. A pure leather created by taking the primary components of historical natural extracts used for vegetable tanning to develop wonderful colours and exceptional handle.


Tannage complimenting colour

The true identity of PURE™️ is founded on the purest white leather, paying an homage to the iconic coloration of OH- SO WHITE.

Electric Jungle

Psychedelic contrast

Fascinated by phenomenal hybrid creatures from folklore mythology, a range of new exotics is born in an array of colours. A graphic approach to exotic animals in a trippy fusion of
digital prints.


Creating a universe on the surface of leather

An iridescent underwater dreamworld, inspired by the natural structures of marble.


Fused leather; A + B = X

FSDX Is a completely new collection of technical and empowered leathers. The principle behind fusion is creating new original materials through combining leather with carefully selected materials with exceptional properties.


A playful variation of classic leathers enriched with glow-in-the-dark qualities that form a delicate webbed pattern.

True Indigo

Denim Inspired Leathers

Indigo dye meets ECCO Leathers premium raw materials, in a collection of indigo leathers faded to perfection.


The first lasting soft and transparent cow-skin leather

When visionaries create the unimaginable. Apparition, supple, transparent and pliable leather. The possibilities are endless…


Heat Sensitive Transformation

Multiple layers of light-containing cells transform with high / low temperatures for a truly customized look.


Inspired by Topographical Maps

The delicate, webbed pattern of maps, is achieved by cracking a soft layer of acrylic and spraying colour into the cracks of the leather.


Shines Bright Even in the Darkest Hours

The natural character of leather combined with reflective technology.


Inspired by Earth’s Shifting Tectonic Plates

Natural surfaces, cracked sand and tree bark detail, translates this dry look and touch into leather finishes.


Stone Burnished like Ancient Greek Statues

Luxurious shine inspired by marble-polished, stone surfaces.


Dark Artisan with a Heritage Heart

A traditional heritage leather with fantastic memory characteristics that betters with age.

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