Challenging the perception of leather with the FSDX fused leather range

Today, more than ever the opportunity ahead is the creation of new connections.
We believe, in order to innovate, designers and technicians should work together, exchange knowledge, deliver upscaled quality design and closing the gap.
We take part in the materials revolution, aimed at continuously serving creatives and brands with the next innovative leather.

The timing is ideal to present leather innovation through collaboration and targeted education. Leather is revolutionary and by continuously challenging technology, we elevate its potential with the creation of new identities. FSDX fused leather challenges the traditional perception of leather, setting an example in unparalleled character.
Rethinking the perception of leather
The existence of leather as a part of the global materials history dates back to 2200 BC. Nowadays the perception of true leather quality is still measured by its incomparable resistance to wear and tear and its suitability to outerwear and footwear articles.
Without desire to overwrite our heritage, the future of leather and leather as a future material, deserves breaking with these associative boundaries. Zooming in on leather appearance, hand feel and functionality embedded in new expressions and elevated endurance.
Breathability, strength and adaptative workability
Leather fused with Dyneema allows unparalleled thinness and strength without losing true leather character. Leather fused with Canvas or raw silk brings a new definition of naturally embossed structures to leather.
Upscaled functionality
Fusing leather is creating a super-material. Deriving the creation of a new identity by taking the essence of powerful technical and natural materials and creating something new. Fusing leather and counter-materials pair unrefined strength and functionality by offering a new solution to the production of lined articles, resulting in light-weight, durable and unique design aesthetics. And most importantly, the positive effect on shortening production processes by the possibility of minimizing necessary manufacturing steps.

A new original
The elevation of standards in the creative industry, demanding extended material performance and low environmental impact, starts with brands and suppliers collaborating, bringing technique and functionality to another level.

Today’s fashion industry and consumer engagement, underline our perspective that design starts with material innovation. Refraining from broad-scale productions, but enabling on demand developments and ready to implement materials.
In the process of product design, the careful selection of inner and outer materials and construction matters are more and more focused on advancement of comfort and functionality. This new approach to leather innovation enables the consideration of ready to implement solutions, delivering an innovative look and elevated product with focused on upscaled quality and performance. FSDX brings excitement, new aesthetics and newness to manufacturing and end-product functionality.  

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