ECCO Leather creates bespoke leather for Boomblaster Infinity Pool 'Dragon Toes' bag by Nora Turato x nicchi x Ecco Leather for Highsnobiety HIGHArt

With each project ECCO Leather strives to showcase leather in new environments. We continue to broaden the boundaries of leather culture by injecting innovation and creativity. nicchi's founder Nicholas Riis was first introduced to leather in 2019 via HOT-SHOP, ECCO Leather's annual creative leather workshop. Since then, Riis made leather a significant material of his design practice and shaped his leather good-making skills into crafting his unique handmade bags.


For his Dragon Toes project, ECCO Leather developed a bespoke leather based on our PURE™ leather collection. The essence of the PURE™ range is a special metal-free tanning technique which results in a bright, ultra-white foundation with a soft natural touch.

This unique canvas is treated with an embossing of a delicate pebble texture. The surface is printed with a graphic pattern using digital technology. The Print is based on Turato's work, which examines the eruptive nature of language in a variety of media, from vocal performance to large graphic installations.

This combination of innovative techniques, traditional crafts, and technology results in a modern, graphic, and gleeful design with a gentle touch and feel on the surface.


Boomblaster Infinity Pool is a unique handmade bag by nicchi in collaboration with artist Nora Turato. nicchi is a bittersweet universe of characters, places, stories and objects. In each collection, nicchi encounters new creatures and finds his was through a puzzling world. In the "Dragon Toes" collection, Nora Turato features as nicchi's new friend Nonora the Ambitious Dragon.

The first piece from the Dragon Toes collection - the Boomblaster Infinity Pool - is presented at Highsnobiety's HighArt initiative at Art Basel Miami Beach 2021
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