Mihara Yasuhiro

MIHARAYASUHIRO is a Japanese designer who started with a shoe brand in 1997. Nowadays, he offers full clothing, accessories and shoes collections, designed to extract everyone’s focus by his unique and surprising ideas.
Mihara’s design extracting everyone’s focus by his unique and surprising ideas. He always thinks out of box to bring people enjoy the playful theme of each garments in every collection. Born in 1972 Nagasaki, Japan. Entered Tama Art Design Department textile undergraduate in 1993. The next year, Mihara started self-study of making shoes.Two years later, in 1996, he launched his own shop “archi doom” that supported by some shoes manufacturer. After Mihara graduated in 1997, he renames “archi doom” to “MIHARAYASUHIRO” and started to present collections.

At the end of 2017 the first collection with APPARITION was launched by Mihara. Also incorporated on the runway in London and Paris in early 2018 and now working on his new collection to be launched during the next fashion show.
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