The 12th edition of HOT-SHOP revolved around the theme Metamorphosis. The process of transformation and leather innovation. 

With over 200 participants, the 2019 edition was the biggest creative in-house leather making festival of ECCO Leather. The guest list, a broad range of International creatives from all industries, worked in 24 groups and together we created the buzzing atmosphere we call the HOT-SHOP Community.


The Experience

We raised the bar with only 4 days for creating a concept, designing and developing leather and product... – And what a result! 

The creative translation of the Metamorphosis theme to innovative leather. 

HOT-SHOP is there to break with the tanning industry standard boundaries by lowering the threshold and inspire participants on the level of leather innovation. Through 12 editions HOT-SHOP became a multi-disciplinary platform and community enabling the creative industry to take in and work with all there is to know about leather. 

The program, being both educational as well as interactive is a one of a kind opportunity to work with the best leather technicians and designers. 

Dive into the world of HOT-SHOP and realize yes but, will evolve into yes AND... 

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