Factory Petit

ECCO Leather focuses on creating a dynamic and modern context for timeless craft, heritage and artisan tradition, which makes Factory Petit the ideal platform for this rich ECCO Leather experience.
Developed, designed and painstakingly hand-built in-house by Method (Ireland), the Factory Petit was created to de-mystify the incredible artisan craft production processes - by bringing them out into the world.
Internally the series houses a complete collection of heavy duty industrial machinery (cunningly concealed cast iron stitching machines, state of the art multi-speed polishing machines etc) but the modular design and customised castor system allow each trunk to be moved, combined and set-up by virtually anyone. Anywhere.
A truly nomadic factory. The series has now been used in Sydney, Stockholm, Tokyo, Dubai, Copenhagen, Dublin, Los Angeles with more to follow.
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Feel Leather Type Material Oil Content
Surface Tanning
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