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Driving Leather Innovation

ECCO Leather develops highly progressive leather qualities for some of the industry’s most iconic contemporary designers and brands. With a main tanning facility in the Netherlands. And award-winning facilities across Europe, Southeast Asia and the Far East. ECCO Leather’s production network is characterized by clean, secure and flexible operations scaled to suit growing customer needs while ensuring seamless communication with customer-designated finished-goods manufacturers.


To maintain its rich tradition in innovation, ECCO Leather hosts collaborative multi-disciplinary creative laboratories aimed at uniting designers, buyers, production managers, marketers and leather technicians. These annual four-day HOT-SHOP events allow participants to envision new leather directions and work in integrated teams to prototype and sample new leathers.
An online resource for all stakeholders in the leather industry including brands, manufacturers, suppliers, NGO’s and end users. LWG seeks to improve the tanning industry by creating alignment on environmental priorities, bringing visibility to best practices and providing suggested guidelines for continual improvement. All our tanneries are gold rated.
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ECCO Leather’s production network is characterised by clean, secure and flexible operations, scaled to suit growing customer needs. We constantly strive to reduce the environmental impact of our operations while increasing the positive impact we have in our communities. We ensure that we implement environmentally sound methods and technology.
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Our Tanneries

ECCO Leather operates award-winning tanning facilities. We have 4 tanneries in 4 countries, 2 beamhouses, 1 leather cutting plant and 1,600 employees.

Our Locations

ECCO Tannery Holland
B.V. Vierbundersweg 11
5107 NL Dongen Netherlands
Phone: (+31) 162 380 400
ECCO Tannery Indonesia
Jl. Raya Bligo No. 17
Candi Sidoarjo 61271
East Java, Indonesia
Phone: (+62) 31 895 9593
ECCO Tannery Thailand
Saharattanangkorn Industrial Estate 113
Moo 4 Tambon
Bangprakru Nakorn Luang District Ayutthaya 13260
Phone: (+66) 35 364 291-3
ECCO Tannery Xiamen
Co Ltd ChengNan Industrial Zone
Tong’an District Xiamen 361100
Phone: (+86) 592 719 4600
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